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The male is black except for a white rump, wing patch and lower belly. A number of geographic populations have been given subspecies status: S. fruticola from Indonesia (Moyo Island population appeared to be well differentiated from specimens from Lembata Island with a divergence estimated to about 360,000 years ago.), S. The nest is built in a hole in a wall or similar site lined with grass and hair, and 2-5 eggs are laid.

Paired males did not reduce their dawn singing behaviour when their mates where trapped and temporarily excluded from the territory.

Providing For a Bengal's Basic Needs Taking Care of a Bengal's Health Exercising and Playing With a Bengal Community Q&A Bengal cats are an exotic breed created as a hybrid between an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic feline.

The Bengal cat is renowned for its gorgeous coat markings, which come from their Asian leopard ancestors.

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However an exotic coat isn't the only outstanding thing about these cats who tend to be huge characters with eccentric traits such an obsession with water and climbing.

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Females are predominantly brownish while juveniles are speckled.

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