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I mean products spammed in that fashion are nothing more than pirated free software for which suckers pay real money under the pretense of respectability.

Last week, Pay Pal co-founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel revealed himself as the secret financier of Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker Media for invading his privacy when it published a short video clip of him having sex with his friend's then-wife.

Yours sincerely, Pay Pal I've never had to 'claim' anything before, and this email just doesn't look right. There should be a box at the side which says either completed or confirm.

There's no Paypal logo on it, and it's laid out completely differently to a normal receipt of payment. If it says completed it means the funds should be in your paypal account.

The timing of the sixth episode of HBO's Silicon Valley show couldn't be any more perfect.

After a tech news blog publishes a scathing report about Gavin Belson, the CEO of the show's Google-like company, scrubbing all online mentions of a failed company project, Belson turns to litigation to exact revenge.

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